Traveling with Food Allergies: Packing Meals for Three Days

When we've gone on vacation with our son in the past, we've either flown to a relative's home with a full kitchen for me to use or taken a road trip with our electric cooler plugged into the dash and occupying a full half of the back seat. This summer my son and I made a trip to New York by air, where we would be staying at a hotel with only a refrigerator and a microwave.


Petition to WhiteHouse.gov: Direct the Food and Drug Administration to require labeling of all food ingredients in prescription medications.

Yesterday I posted about how I discovered that my son has been taking a daily medication that contains an ingredient to which he has a life threatening allergy. After some additional research, I've discovered this wasn't due to an oversight, but rather a flaw in the system which provides drugs to patients.


Caution: CVS Pharmacy Providing Incorrect Medication Ingredients

In my seemingly never ending quest to determine why my son has been having mysterious symptoms of anaphylaxis since last year, I make a point of reading every single label every single time. I have called countless manufacturers and eliminated food after food if there was any possibility of cross-contamination. I also read the label of every single medication that is prescribed to him.


Corn Chowder

I grew up in the Midwest with the phrase "knee high by the Fourth of July" and ate fresh, crisp ears of corn at the end of every summer. Living in Florida now means that our seasonal vegetables are a little out of sync with most of the country. This week I found a springtime crop of sweet corn at the grocery store. The weather is still cool enough for hot soup, so I decided to make a pot of our favorite corn chowder and to experiment a bit by using corn broth as the liquid base.


Banana Crackers Lunchbox

For years, one of my kiddo's favorite snacks, and occasionally meals, has been what we call Banana Crackers. Basically it's a graham cracker with a schmear of Sunbutter, a slice of banana and a raisin on top. Assembling them is as much fun as eating them, so I created a homemade Lunchable out of the ingredients.