Banana Crackers Lunchbox

For years, one of my kiddo's favorite snacks, and occasionally meals, has been what we call Banana Crackers. Basically it's a graham cracker with a schmear of Sunbutter, a slice of banana and a raisin on top. Assembling them is as much fun as eating them, so I created a homemade Lunchable out of the ingredients.


Love Remembers. Fear Never Forgets.

When I  learned that today was planned as "Love Remembers Day" to celebrate and honor those lives lost to anaphylaxis from food allergies, my first reaction was, "How could I forget?"


A Visit with Kyle Dine

Kyle Dine's music has been the soundtrack to my son's childhood. So when I found out the the food allergy educator would be touring in the southeastern U.S., I reached out, just in case he'd be in my area. To my happy surprise, not only was he coming through Tampa Bay, Kyle was planning to stay for a couple days so he could fulfill his dream of watching some of his hometown Toronto Blue Jays' spring training games.


The Snack Shelf

Raising a child with life threatening food allergies means walking a fine line between safety and increasing independence. Almost everything in my kitchen is safe for The Kid, but that doesn't mean that every item in the pantry is always appropriate or even within his reach.


Burrito Lunchbox

The Kid's lunch options have been somewhat limited lately, but he always loves burritos, even without tomatoes, garlic and cumin. This one has a wheat flour tortilla wrapped around leftover homemade refried beans, rice and corn. Grapes and plain corn tortilla chips are in the side compartments of his Easy Lunchbox.