Pizza Lunchbox For Food Allergy Awareness Week

The only day of the week that my son wishes he could eat the school cafeteria lunch is Friday, or as it's better known, Pizza Day. Since this is the one school meal he asks me to match, I usually keep a stash of little home made pizzas in the freezer. I've tried a couple different ways to make and freeze mini pizzas and calzones, but a small veggie pie seems to be the winner.


Peanut Allergy Moms Needed to Take Survey!

I received a request for help finding participants for a peanut allergy study from Adrienne Cotaya, a masters of nursing student at Southeastern Louisiana University. She needs mothers of kids with peanut allergies to fill out a 9 question survey. Ladies, can we help her out?



Cranberry Orange Scones

Scones may conjure up images of fancy pastries and afternoon tea parties, but they are actually just glorified biscuits. These simple, vegan cranberry orange scones are one of our weekend morning favorites.

To create an allergy friendly treat for our kiddo, I adapted this scone recipe from King Arthur Flour by making them egg and milk free. If you are unable to use dairy free margarine, I would suggest trying either coconut oil or a shortening such as Spectrum instead.


Restaurant Rights and Wrongs: Should You Fake a Food Allergy?

"Want restaurant staff to take your special request seriously? Fake a food allergy!"

Health and nutrition gurus regularly offer this bit of ethically challenged advice to their followers. The deception inconveniences hardworking hospitality employees and fouls the waters for those of us managing a life threatening medical condition. Despite this, the number of advocates for this obnoxious behavior continues to grow.


Traveling with Food Allergies: Packing Meals for Three Days

When we've gone on vacation with our son in the past, we've either flown to a relative's home with a full kitchen for me to use or taken a road trip with our electric cooler plugged into the dash and occupying a full half of the back seat. This summer my son and I made a trip to New York by air, where we would be staying at a hotel with only a refrigerator and a microwave.