Blogging for Babies

This is a picture of The Kid at about ten days old. After being born prematurely, he spent his first fifteen days of life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. While he was there, The Kid was a beneficiary of medical treatments developed with funding from the March of Dimes.
My fellow Daring Baker and mother of a premature infant, Holly of Phe/MOM/enon, is walking in the March for Babies and holding a food blog event, Blogging for Babies, which invites you to submit "little creations" from your kitchen and blog about the event to raise awareness.
Children who are born prematurely are at an increased risk for food allergies, possibly due to an underdeveloped immune system. (I apologize for not having a link for that information. If I find one I'll update the post.) Please consider sponsoring Holly and her beautiful son Cole, as well as participating in her thoughtful event.
Update: Well, it looks like I should have googled before putting up the post! Here's an article titled "Premature Infants Do Not Seem to be Predisposed to Food Allergies." Oops. I'm very sorry for the misinformation!


PheMom said...

That is the cutest little "moose"! Thanks so much for mentioning the event!

Mamique said...

Hi Libby, your email ended up in my spam so I won't be surprised if my reply is in yours.

BTW, my older girl (with no allergies) was born at 33 wks, yet the allergic one was born at full term. Go figure!