Supplies from Whole Foods

There isn't a Whole Foods near us, but I was able to stop at one last week and picked up a couple items I haven't seen at stores closer to home. I planned to get some Agar, but the rest were impulse purchases. These will keep me experimenting for a while, but I'm still in sticker shock. (That's half a tank of gas you're looking at!)
Take a close look at the label on the kosher, egg free marshmallows. I never would have thought of fish gelatin as a binder, which may be reassuring to those of you who sometimes come over for dinner!
I'll post more about these as I use them.

Update: Well, I tried making a fake Mac & Cheese from the "Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative." It was so nasty it doesn't even rate its own post. Yuck. The stuff was beyond awful. Save your money.

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