Bottom of the Food Chain

We spent the day at the Florida Aquarium, aka "the fish zoo," where we saw this crab scuttling across the bottom of a tank. I pointed to it and asked The Kid, "What's that?"
"A crab. I can't eat that."
Somewhat surprised, I asked, "Why not?"
"It's a shellfish. I'm allergic."
This is what I get for all the times I've quizzed him at the fish counter of the grocery store! (It may also be karmic justice for always serving tilapia on his Nemo plate.)
Here's a bonus picture from the fish zoo of some amazing sea dragons.


Beyond Curries said...

I have not seen a sea dragon before. It looks like a dinosaur to me.

I have an award for you in my bllog. Check it out when you find time.

Libby said...

Thank you so much!