New Allergy Plan for School


Nowheymama said...

I love FAAN's allergy plan sheets. Last year the nurse showed me one as if I'd never seen such a thing. It was very hard for me not to be all, "Yeah, I'm aware."

Unknown said...

This is a better form than what our elementary school provides. Our form does not provide a way to indicate what medication to give for each sort of reaction. It is sort of an all or nothing thing.

BTW, I like your photo album on your blog. It looks great!

Libby said...

nowheymama, after formally diagnosing my son's allergies, the allergist was all set to send me to a nutritionist until we started talking about The Kid's diet. Then he decided he didn't think it was actually necessary! :o)

jennifer b, the form was provided by the office of my son's allergist, but you may be able to get them directly from FAAN. (I've got a link to them on the side.) Thanks for noticing the slide show. It's a new Blogger widget.

Jennifer said...

Wow, a slide show!! I am very impressed, I am still losing an ongoing fight with my computer to just find anything.

I made a list of my favorite allergy plans on my blog, and some of them even have neat colors and pictures.