FDA Seeks Food Allergen Labeling Comments

The Food and Drug Administration is holding an advisory hearing on how food allergens are labeled:
FDA is developing a long-term strategy to assist manufacturers in using allergen advisory labeling that is truthful and not misleading, conveys a clear and uniform message, and adequately informs food-allergic consumers and their caregivers. To that end, FDA is soliciting comments and information to assist the agency in determining how manufacturers currently use advisory labeling, how consumers interpret different advisory labeling statements, and what wording is likely to be most effective in communicating to consumers the likelihood that an allergen may be present in a food. The agency is also interested in receiving comments about whether consumers find advisory labeling helpful for making food purchasing decisions.
You may submit electronic comments here. Let 'em have it!
Update: Here's a more direct link to the comment submission form for this hearing.

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Good--this is great! Thanks for the heads up!