Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival #23

Posting around here is going to continue to be a little light as we prep for The Kid's birthday party in just over a week. I'll have lots of great foods and activities to share afterward. In the meantime, check out the latest Food Allergy Blog Carnival hosted by Mamique of Casein Point.
If anyone has any suggestions for a dinosaur themed party, I'd love to hear them!


heatherc11 said...
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Lyvvie said...

I'm so happy you commented on my blog because now I get to link to you and raid your blogroll for loads of ideas for my daughter who has egg and milk allergies! The whole reason I got into bento was to make her lunches that were even better than the kids who get to eat chocolate and yogurt in their lunches. (I'm a wee bit competetive)

Hello Libby!