Allergy Gene Identified

This looks interesting. Scientists at the University of Munich have discovered "a major gene for allergic diseases." It's associated with increased IgE levels. I've never seen asthma, environmental and food allergies lumped together under the heading "allergic diseases" before. It strikes me as an opportune phrase, though, both in relation to driving medical research and creating public awareness. Maybe now we can get a telethon.


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Who do think will host the telethon? ;) It's an interesting find though. I'm just always glad when I read things about food allergies in the news. It means they are still working on it. Praying for a cure!

Libby said...

Jerry Lewis is taken, so maybe we could get Jerry Springer. Then I could throw a chair at the first person who suggests deliberately giving peanuts to PA kids.

Unknown said...

Very interesting! You've had a number of interesting new topics on here lately! Thanks for sharing this.