Brought to You by Dairy Farmers, Inc.

We decided to visit MOSI today, even though The Kid's absolute favorite, the animatronic dinosaur exhibit, has left. I checked online to see what had replaced it to find this:
From The Farm To The Fridge exhibit provides guests with an opportunity to milk a life-sized mechanical cow while learning more about the true source of the calcium-enriched beverage--milk. The exhibit details the various steps of the milking process in a colorful and educational way and also includes various other features such as cow feed samples and a video filmed at a real Florida dairy farm.
I've taken a deep breath, and decided we'll go see it in the spirit of taking advantage of opportunities to educate when encountering allergens, rather than just turning tail when they are present. We'll have an extra talk about not touching before we go in and I'll bring extra wipes, just in case there are dairy samples around. This is the definitely the downside of MOSI being so hands on. A lot's going to hinge on what's actually coming out of that mechanical cow! I'll be sure to post afterward whether or not going was such a good idea.
In other news, Martha (yes, that Martha) wants you, or rather your blog. Leave a comment on this post, a continuation of her show about bloggers and blogging, and she will feature a chosen few from the multitude on her own blog. Don't worry, self-promotion can be part of a healthy lifestyle, as long as it's in moderation.


Simply...Gluten-free said...

I came here from Sticky, Gooey, etc. We are neighbors! Thanks for the Martha link.

Nowheymama said...

Good attitude--we tour the dairy barn, along with all the other animal barns, at the county fair every year.