Contact Reaction

Today we went to the Shriners Hospital to pick up The Kid's new braces. (Just take as given both overflowing praise for Shriners and all they do, as well as an outraged rant about HMOs that "categorically exclude orthotics." Grrrr....) As part of the process of being fitted, the orthotist had The Kid wear them for a while between his socks and shoes as usual, checked the feet for reddish areas, and then put the braces directly on The Kid's feet, so he could mark the plastic where it needed to be ground down.
When the orthotist removed the braces from The Kid's bare feet, I noticed another red spot, pointed, and said, "What about that one?"
He peered at it, then replied "That looks like a bug bite."
Uh, oh.
I explained the food allergies, and asked if he would mind washing the braces with soap and water before we put them back on again. He was wonderfully accommodating, as the Shriners staff always is. I washed the hive with a baby wipe, and it quickly disappeared.
It just never ends. There's never a vacation from food allergies, even in places I least expect it. Or, as Mad-Eye Moody would say "Constant Vigilance!"


Nowheymama said...

What a good doctor!

TinaMarie said...

Oh how I know this cenario all too well. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Wish we didn't have to share this experience, but good to know we're not alone none the less.