Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival #34

Welcome to the first food allergy blog carnival of 2009! It looks like most of us are still in light holiday blogging mode, so thank you to all of you who found time to write and share some thoughtful and informative posts.

Amy Dumas of Eating Well ~ Being Well says hello to the world in her very first blog post "I'm Neither Canine nor Bovine, I'm a Food-Sensitive HUMINE! er... Human!" So go on over and say hi to the newest food sensitive blogger on the block.
Amy Leger, The Savvy Celiac, starts planning a gluten-free birthday bash for her soon to be 10 year old daughter in "One Birthday Party - Hold the Gluten." Then she discovers that her medically necessary gluten-free diet is the next big thing, but puts trendspotting in perspective in "Gluten-Free: a Hot Trend for '09?" (Hmmm, maybe the restaurant staff that thought her daughter should bring a gf cupcake to her own birthday party needs to take a peek at that trend list!)
Victoria Groce, former Jeopardy champion and current food allergy maven at About.com, shares some high tech help in "Six iPhone Apps That Can Help You Manage Food Allergies." Victoria finds some unexpected ways to use your cell phone for more than calling 800 numbers from grocery store aisles.
Jennifer B. of Food Allergy Buzz emails customer service (and calls and emails again) so you don't have to in "Allergen Labeling at George Weston Bakeries." The good news? The change in the allergen labeling on her favorite English muffins accurately reflects a change in manufacturing practices. The bad news? Go read Jennifer B.'s post for the list of baked goods which are affected.
Best wishes to all of you at the start of a new year, and many thanks to Rational Jenn for allowing me to host.


Jenn Casey said...

As always, thanks for hosting! :o)

Unknown said...

Hi All,

I love to see so many of us talking about food. I just started doing Monday Reviews on my blog of food allergy friendly products. Last week I reviewed HomeFree cookies. On Monday Jan. 12, 2009, I review Manitoba Harvest, a hemp food manufacturer- yes, hemp is in the same classification as marijuana, but I'll get to that in my review. Besides, I've been trying their hemp products all week and I'm fine, although I've inhaled every potato chip and brownie in the pantry- Just kidding!

Anyway, Happy New Year. I've enjoyed many of your blogs over 2008.

Feel free to come visit:


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for including me in the Carnival! I'm excited about getting started blogging and having a ball reading all the great blogs listed here!

Maggie said...

Good articles, time for me to get back in gear (and stop fixating on the house that isn't finished).
Happy New Year too!

Victoria said...

Thank you for hosting!

Tara Howard said...

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to reach out to all of you to let you know about THRIVE, the only allergy and gluten-free expo in North America.

We are hosting a large scale business to consumer expo dediated to providing products, services and informational support for people suffering from food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances as well as for people with respiratory, skin, environmental, eye and latex allergies in Chicago at McCormick Place on April 18-19th, 2009. It is our intention to offer our attendees exhbitors showcasing an assortment of allergy specific products, a Marketplace Forum where attendees can view demonstrations and sample products, a Healthy Living Forum where lifestyle allergy and Celiac Disease topics will be discussed by renowned medical physicians and professionals, a Gluten-free & Free-from Cooking Stage and a bookstore.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.thriveallergexpo.com If you are a member of one of our affiliated non-profit affiliates, be sure to mention them when purchasing tickets. THRIVE is giving all of our non-profit affiliates tickets sales generated from their members or contacts.

Hope to see you at THRIVE!

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