Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival #37

Welcome to the Food Allergy Blog Carnival! Many thanks to those of you who shared what's been on your mind and on your plate.

Food, Glorious Food:
Liz of Sugar Cane Allergy shares two delicious looking breakfast recipes for Fruit Muesli and Wheat Free Pancakes a la Liz. (The pancake recipe is also egg and dairy free, which makes it a real find!)
Sarah, the No Whey, Mama, presents Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons a review of the cookbook by Nava Atlas complete with two recipes. She shares quick and yummy savory favorites, Onion and Garlic Broth and Focaccia Bread.
Hannah of Bittersweet, who knows a little something about writing cookbooks, reviews Go Dairy Free by Alisa Fleming. Hannah offers up some mouth watering photos of the contents and is also giving away two copies, so get on over there and leave a comment by February 22nd.
Alisa herself shares a recipe for Rich and Creamy Miso Soup at One Frugal Foodie, which she concocted while recovering from a medical procedure. It will cure what ails you, without requiring an inspirational trip to the doctor's office.
Libby of The Allergic Kid bakes up Little Debbie look alike "Be My Valentine" Cakes for a class party, but far exceeds the taste of the original.
Living with Food Allergies:
Food Allergy Assistant
presents Monday Review- GoPicnic and invites us to return for more product reviews, "Join me every Monday when I review another food allergy friendly product. Upcoming reviews include Zen Soy puddings, Simply Boulder sauces and Grill Charms."
Alisa also reviews a new product, So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage, in her Featured Review: One Step Closer to Whole Milk Without the Moo at Go Dairy Free. The creamy drink will be released onto the market soon, and Alisa already has a few intriguing recipe ideas.
Karen of Gluten Free 365 asks an unfortunately relevant question for people on restricted diets in Food Stamps: Could You Survive? (Karen, I don't think you watch too much CNN!)
Amy Leger, The Savvy Celiac, conducted some impressive original research and shares the results in Survey: Activities & Feeling Different Most Difficult for CeliacTweens” & Teens. She questions "How are our tweens and teens handling their gluten-free lifestyle? What are their biggest challenges? The answers from parents vary widely in this new survey."
Amy also creates a list of 25 Random Things about Celiac Disease. She says "This is a great list along the '25 Random Things about…' theme. This time– it’s taking on celiac disease. Some information on this list may surprise you. Either way its a great list to give someone who’s just learning or needs a little reminder."
We find out what Speedbump Kitchen did on her family's amazing vacation in Chef Amber, A True Disney Princess. It was a "fairytale come true for an allergic kid (and her parents) at Disneyworld."
Victoria Groce, resident expert at About.com: Food Allergies and former Jeopardy champion, seeks your answer to the question, "Do You Trust the Label?" You can vote in her poll and find out what others with food allergies are thinking.
Jennifer B. of Food Allergy Buzz asks another good question in Allergy Menus: Friends or Foes? Like peanut bans, she makes a good case that the strategy is only as good as the staff implementing it.
Amy Dumas of Eating Well ~ Being Well respond to an insensitive article about Hospitality and Food Sensitivities. She says "This article explores what hospitality is, and discusses how to extend hospitality to those with food sensitivities. While we all enjoy sharing good food we would do well to remember that true hospitality comes from heart, not the kitchen."
As always, a huge thank you to Rational Jenn for allowing me to host. Don't forget to submit your blog article to the next edition of Living with Food Allergies Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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Nice work on the carnival, it was fun to read!

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Great carnival--thanks! Lots of good stuff to read and digest. :)

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Thanks for hosting. You have a great blog.
Amy: great minds... I also have 25 Things on my blog!

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Thanks for hosting this, I also love your valentine cakes!

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Great roundup, there was a lot of variety of topics this time.

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great site! I'm def going to be a regular!!

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Great Carnival! Thanks for putting it together!

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I love your site so much, I had to give you an award! Stop by and pick it up. And thank you for doing such a great job helping us mom's feed our allergic kids.


Vanessa said...

My friend just found out her three year old is allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat and soy. I'm going to email a link to this blog, but do you have any other info? She is feeling extremely overwhelmed at the moment.