Cornbread and Turkey Bacon Lunchbox II

Here's another version of the leftover cornbread and curly turkey bacon lunch, which is one of The Kid's favorites. (You can find the turkey bacon tutorial here.) The cornbread has been split in half and has a shmear of honey on the inside. It's accompanied by grapes, cucumber with a sprinkle of dill, juice/water mixture, and a dinosaur sticker. (A Parasauralophus for those of you into dinosaurs.)
You can see we're getting a little further into bento territory with the silicon cup and food pick. The Kid loves using a food pick, so I'm using it as an incentive to eat the cucumber and other veggies with very limited success.

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Eagle Loft said...

I want to eat lunch at your house! And not just because I want the parasauralophus sticker. ;)