Hurricane Season

It's here again, the season when we make a list, check it twice, shop like maniacs, and make sure we don't forget the batteries. (Really, why do I live in Florida?) It's time to stock up on medications and allergen free food supplies if you haven't already. Here's my long winded post on hurricane prep from last year and here's a follow up post when I discovered that the meds that I had made a great deal of effort to obtain as substitutes for the ones my son usually takes with his nebulizer (in case of power outage) contained milk protein. It still makes me want to bang my head against a wall!

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Birdie said...

I also live and Florida and every year at this time I think happy 'hit somewhere else' thoughts. Selfish of me, I know. Anywho, I started the extra shopping a few weeks ago. A case of water on sale here, the baby's favorite formula there, and of course my allergy meds everytime I get a coupon to go with a sale. ::sigh::
One thing I highly recommend is a big generator, the kind you can run most items in your house on. It took hubby and I a few years to save up for one but it is really nice to have a fridge and running water after the storm ;)