What's Wrong with this Picture?

Look what I found nestled among the bulk food bins at my (usually wonderful) local health food store: one of my favorite allergen free products, Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.
Someone may have missed the point. Let's just hope no one misses the fine print. And, yes, I did already speak to the manager, whose only response was to simply point out the allergy warning.


Jessica said...


Marketing Mama said...

Maybe they are warning people because they are in the bulk bins - you can't guarantee that someone isn't going to take a scoop from a different bin and touch the chips. Or that whomever took them out of the package used precautions... know what I mean?
I'd just stick to the bags myself.

Brita Brownstein - Enjoy Life Foods said...

The allergy statement on the bulk bin label was created by the retailer, and relates to the fact that they cannot control any cross-contamination that may occur once our product is out of the package. Enjoy Life products ARE made in a dedicated nut- and gluten- free facility. They are allergy-friendly and gluten free. They contain NO: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish. But once our products are placed in the bulk aisle, it's extremely difficult to control cross-contamination and the retailer is responsible inform consumers. We are working on a solution to protect/maintain the integrity of the Enjoy Life products and our allergy-friendly commitment. If you have cross-contamination concerns, the safest solution is to buy the (10 oz) package of semi-sweets.

Libby said...

Hi Brita,

Thanks so much for coming by to comment. I'm amazed by your responsiveness to a blog post somewhere on the internet. (Most food manufacturers aren't that helpful when I call their customer service numbers!)

I do understand the rationale behind the labeling, since bypassing the bulk bins is one of the basics of avoiding cross contamination. My concern is that someone may not notice the tiny disclaimer, which could lead to an allergic reaction. So my issue was with the health food store, especially since my family is, without a doubt, bulk consumers of your chocolate chips!