First Day of First Grade Lunchbox

The Kid and his EpiPens are both at their first day of school. The school nurse and the staff are really very experienced at managing food allergies, but I've still got a twinge leaving him on the first day. We've been chatting with the nurse and The Kid's new teacher about making sure he doesn't get isolated at his designated end of the lunch table, since he doesn't have his friend with milk allergies to sit with him this year. I'm trying to get a "no splash zone" where the kids immediately adjacent and across from him don't have milk or peanut butter with them. The Kid is very good about staying away from other people's food, so I'm mostly concerned with the potential for accidents, as well as the evil substance's sticky properties.
Today's lunch is a little fancier than usual, since the bed of lettuce is strictly decorative. It's cradling two octodogs made from a turkey dog and some leftover ginger candied carrots with a food pick. Alongside are pretzels, seedless black grapes, a small package of gummy dinos, and an allosaurus sticker. I've switched to an 8 ounce reusable juice box for his apple juice/water mixture, since the larger bottle usually came back half full and this one packs better.
Sending a lunch to school means it's time again to head over again to Coffee & Vanilla for Margot's lovely Wholesome Lunchbox event. Don't miss all the adorable bentos and creative lunches she has on display on the 15th of each month!


Coffee and Vanilla said...

Thank you for your entry! :)
School has started already?? For us it is still holidays unitl 7th or so... Thank you for reminding me to do "back to school" shopping soon.

Karen said...

I like the octodogs. School starts here after Labour Day