Sunbutter Roll Up Lunchbox

Lately The Kid's been a little distracted at lunchtime. The good news is that one of his new friends has been making a point to bring Kid friendly lunches of his own, so that they can sit together. The less good news is that The Kid would rather talk and play with his friend than eat. (And can I mention how I teared up when his friend's mom told me how her son reminds her every morning not to pack peanut butter? For every inconsiderate boob who thinks that eating peanuts on airplanes is an inalienable right, there's someone else who surprises me with an unexpected kindness.)
The upshot is that I've been working even harder to make lunch appealing and easy to eat. This one has Sunbutter and my mom's homemade chokecherry jelly pinwheels, a mini banana with slices at the top to make it easier to peel, red grapes, and two Enjoy Life Happy Apple Cookies from the Best Gift Basket Ever. On the side are juice and a sticker with different kinds of dromedaries. I just hope that he doesn't get sidetracked by the one hump camel and the two hump camel. That could lead to an awkward lunch discussion!


Jessica said...

Gotta love the sunbutter!!

And how sweet that the little boy reminds his mom!

Mel said...

We haven't tried sunbutter yet, but thanks for the link. I called and requested a sample. Can't wait to try!!

Nicole said...

Let me just tell you how much I love all your little lunchbox ideas! I can't wait to use them all when my son goes off to school. You are such a supermom, and such an inspiration!