Menu Plan

Yesterday The Kid helped me plan this week's menu.  Giving my six year old the biggest vote on what we're eating led to some fairly predictable results and a lot of ground turkey, but it's good writing practice and  a chance to learn some household skills.  (From me.  Now that's funny.)

Here's the menu:
 Sunday - turkey burgers and sweet potato fries
Monday - pizza
Tuesday - Tae Kwon Do night [dinner on the fly]
Wednesday - spaghetti and meatballs and green beans
Thursday - chili and cornbread
Friday - alphabet soup [second page not shown]
Best of all, he's very excited to cook.  He said he'd let me help with the chopping and hot stuff, though!

I'm sharing this new foray into household management with the Organizational Junkie for Meal Plan Monday.  It's the place to go if you don't know what's for dinner!


Allergic to Sitting said...

I'm pretty sure that if I were The Kid, I'd write the following to my mom:
Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Mac-n-cheese

Of course, I tended to crave the things I couldn't have (ie. cheese and milk products by the truck loads). You've got some great recipes and that's such a great writing exercise idea!

Libby said...

That's exactly what he tried to do! (Minus the mac & cheese.) I don't think my husband would have objected to a week of pizza, either!

Anonymous said...

that is so cute! I am pretty impressed he asked for green beans!! bless him!

Marie said...

This is absolutely fabulous! What a creative way to do so many things--there's the writing practice, planning, considering schedules, organizing...wow! You are making me very excited for the day that my little guy and I will be able to do this together. Did I mention tha tI love this?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Guppy likes to help out in the kitchen, but I've never asked her to help plan the weeks meals before - a great idea.
(missed you!)

Alisa said...

Hmm, yes, I could probably do a week of pizza too! Though, anything with sweet potato fries sounds fantastic!

What, no tacos? :)