Chicken Finger Lunchbox

Here's another of last year's leftover lunchboxes with more leftover chicken, this time chicken strips.  (Since I originally posted the recipe, I've switched from panko to corn meal as part of the breading.)  The chicken is on a bed of grated carrot, which was the logical continuation of my campaign to get The Kid to eat the things, when I realized the smaller the piece of carrot was, the more likely he was to eat it.  Alongside are pretzels, grapes, a Sunbutter cookie, and the usual apple juice and dinosaur sticker.

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. Enjoying it! Wondering, if you as someone with food allergies, would find it useful to have a tool where you can enter various ingredients and double check if they are included in the aliases/ derivatives for the specific allergens you avoid? In other words, do you think that food allergy sufferers would like a tool they can use while shopping if they feel unsure about an ingredient? As someone who is allergic to corn and soy, my husband and I are trying to create such a tool... Just wanted to get feedback. Also, would you be open to looking over my list of derivatives/ aliases for the allergies that you have, just to help me make sure it's comprehensive?

Awesome lunch ideas and yummy pics!