Calzone Lunchbox

Whenever I make pizza, I try to save a bit of the dough to make a calzone to put in The Kid's lunch the next day.  This one was chock full of veggies:  grated zucchini, diced tomato and mushroom slices with a schmear of Tofutti Garlic & Herb Flavor Better Than Cream Cheese.  (Yes, I am painfully aware of the recall.)  Alongside are carrots in a Wilton Silly Critter Baking Cup (acquired on clearance) that fits almost flush to the lid of the Easy Lunch Box and keeps the carrots from bailing out.  The other compartments have grapes and chocolate Teddy Grahams, while on the periphery are juice and a dinosaur sticker.

Only the carrots came home!


Alisa Fleming said...

Seriously LIbby, I am so envious of your little one's lunch boxes!

Anonymous said...

Calzones rule! Guppy eats lunch at home (this year, since I'm currently not working, it's a good thing) so I should make some calzones! We make pizza every Friday, I just need to save some dough. Yum!

Lindsay said...

"The Kid" is one lucky kid- these lunches look so yummy! p.s. I recommended your blog on my Nut Free Life blog the other day - I hope that's okay (I gave the link). You have some amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing with the blog world. :)