Feeling Better Lunchbox

This is an easy to keep down lunch for a little boy returning to school after conquering an upset tummy.  It has two little Sunbutter and honey triceratops sandwiches, grapes, honey pretzel twists and blue Jello with apple juice in a reusable juice box on the side.

This is the first time I took advantage of a tip Kelly Lester posted on her website about how to pack liquid-ish (but not liquid) foods, such as yogurt, in her Easy Lunchboxes.  She suggested covering a section of the box with wax paper, plastic wrap or Glad Press 'n Seal, which is what I used.  I also included an ice pack (we call him the 'freezer monkey') to make sure the Jello stayed cool.  It worked beautifully.

I may not use this technique very often, since I usually stick to finger foods when I'm packing The Kid's lunch, but it's nice to have more options for different kinds of meals!

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