A Gift for My Gluten Free Friends

I've been mostly MIA from the blog for the last few weeks as I've been preparing for a big first for me.  A local health food store, Rollin' Oats Market & Cafe in Tampa asked me to teach an allergen free cooking class.  (Gulp.)  Since I've inadvertently become the cookie lady in these parts, I decided that we'd make the now infamous Double Chocolate Brownie Bites.

If the focus was allergen free, though, it seemed almost taunting to make something so delicious that couldn't be consumed by anyone allergic to soy and downright mean to bake it up in front of the local celiac sufferers.  That finally tipped the scale toward the many other requests I've received for a gluten free version. So I went back to the drawing board with this little cookie that has become such a big part of my life and worked out a new recipe that is free of gluten and all of the Big 8 allergens.

If you visit the original post, you can scroll down to a link at the end for the even more allergy friendly cookie.  (I wanted to keep all the links in one place.)  And if you're in the area, I'll be teaching a second (free) class at the Rollin' Oats St. Pete location on Thursday, February 24th, at 6:30.  You can reserve a place by calling 813-873-7428.  Hope to see you there!


K said...

Oh wow you're the teacher! I signed up for the St Pete locations class already!

Alisa Fleming said...

Congratulations Libby! That is awesome! Good luck at your first day as an allergen-free teacher!

Libby said...

Kyra, I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Alisa, thanks!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the gluten free alternative. We just found out our little guy may also be allergic to wheat on top of milk, eggs and nuts. I am a new follower and would love it if you would check out my allerg blog