Octodog Lunchbox

The octodogs strike again!  This time they are supported by itty bitty cooked baby carrots (still not a garnish), a little chunk o' killer banana bread, pretzels and grapes all packed in an Easy Lunchbox and apple juice in a reusable juice box with a Spongebob sticker on the side. (The recipe for the banana bread should be coming along soon.)  It's a lot of food for a little boy, but he'll be finishing it off as an afternoon snack.

I'm sharing this lunch with Margot of Coffee and Vanilla for her monthly Healthy Lunch Box round up.  Be sure to check it on the 15th of every month!


Allergy Mum said...

Your lunchs always look so interesting (much better than ours). Thanks for all the ideas that you are sharing. Also, what type of container do you use and where do you buy them?
Allergy Mum - http://allergymum.blogspot.com/

Libby said...

Thanks! The lunchbox you see is from Easylunchboxes.com. They come in a 4 pack and are pretty reasonable. If you do a bit of googling, you can probably find a coupon code for them, too.

Unknown said...

Hi Libby,
Thank you for your entry :) The round-up has been finally posted.