School's out, work is insane, and I can barely keep up with the spinning of the Earth.  Here's the start of our patio container garden with one very proud young gardener.

I had every good intention of documenting both the successes and, ah, learning experiences as the plants grew.  One realization was that the downside of having a screened in patio was that the bees are not able to come in and pollinate my veggies, so I'm having to hand pollinate with a little paintbrush.

I will confess, though, that these beauties were already green little bulbs on the tomato plant when I brought it home.

Still, the frantic growth is awe inspiring.  Every time I turn around something else is shooting up.

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mom-b said...

Yay! They look beautiful. I never thought you may have to self-polk ate but it makes sense. Yummy!