What I Ate Wednesday: Going Bananas

It's What I Ate Wednesday again, so I can give you another glimpse into a fairly typical day's meals for our allergic kiddo and share a few recipes that don't merit their own post.  Lately he's been on a banana smoothie breakfast kick:  one large or two small bananas broken into chunks and dropped into a blender carafe, enough vanilla soy milk to cover them (about a cup) and a quick whiz with the stick blender to finish the job.  It's the perfect summer breakfast.

For lunch he had a Sunbutter and banana sandwich and some homemade mango lime sorbet.  The sorbet was made from two humongous mangoes, the juice of one lime and half a cup of agave syrup.  A trip through the food processor yielded about 4 cups of liquid and resulted in the same amount of sorbet after going through my ice cream maker.

Since my little boy loves Tex-Mex, which is tough to do while avoiding all dairy products, I decided to try making the Potato and Kale Enchiladas with Roasted Chile Sauce from Veganomicon.  (The photo is actually of my husbands plate.)  To make it kid friendlier, I toned the spiciness way down by roasting a huge green bell pepper instead of the chiles and substituted paprika for the chili powder.  I also used spinach, since I couldn't find kale, and sprinkled it with sunflower seeds, since it will be a few more months before I'm toasting pumpkin seeds again.  On the side was the usual glass of vanilla soy milk.

The adults, including my mom, all ate the enchiladas happily, but they got a big meh from my ungrateful child.  (I've started to notice a sort of inverse relationship of appreciation versus energy expended in the kitchen. The more effort a meal requires and the more pans it dirties, the less likely he is to actually enjoy it.)  I'd love any suggestions for other dairy free Southwestern type recipes!

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Sam W. said...

mmm, i love me some texmex too :)

Sam @ fitness food & faith (giveaway today!)

Anonymous said...

What I ate Wednesday, What a great idea! I may have to join when I'm cooking more meals for the whole family instead of just my son (allergic to dairy, gluten, and soy).

And since you asked, I adapted a tex-mex meal that my son can eat that yours may like Meatless Mexican Lasagna

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

phew! your pop up comment form doesnt let me comment sometimes =/ I never know when its going to work or not!

anywho! I'm sorry about the time spent in the kitchen vs dishes enjoyed factor... hopefully he develops his palate a little faster so he can appreciate your hard work!

I have been trying to develop shortcut vegan dishes that don't take a crazy amount of dishes to make, stay posted! I'm having trouble with time management and need some fast stuff for me, as well as my allergy ridden little bro -- hes dairy free and celiac so I can only imagine how hard of a time you're having love! email me anytime! xoxo

Two Minute Takes said...

He's is adorable! Quite the lovely Wednesday for him, despite not much liking his dinner. Great idea this *What I Ate Wednesday*

Lucie said...

We do a lot of refried beans and "Mexican rice" at our house. (I usually make some rice and put peas and salsa in it). My kiddo is a lot younger than yours, but he loves to dip chips in the refried beans, or in salsa.

We made a variant of these once:
without any cheese, and they were quite tasty.

Libby said...

You guys are just awesome! I stole a few ideas from everyone, and last night I made a lasagna style enchilada bake layered with corn tortillas and a sweet potato, black bean and corn filling. Tasted amazing and was easier to make, but needed some crunch (too mushy) and not exactly photogenic. It's definitely got potential, though, and I'll be sure to post the final version once it's perfected.

Now, does anyone have suggestions for adding some texture? :-)

AmyE said...

I have made baked taquitos before (adapted from this recipe: http://www.ourbestbites.com/2009/06/baked-chipotle-beef-taquitos/). I usually do refried beans mixed with salsa and sometimes I add some meat. They are easy and yummy.

PS Just made your Double Choc cookies, they were delicious!

Elizabeth said...

Can your son eat Daiya Soy cheese? I like to mix both the mozzerella type and the cheddar and it taste great.

Lindsay said...

What if you made your chili recipe and served it over black beans and rice? Then, you could top it with the Daiya cheese and/or gluten free tortillas (I really like Food For Life) cut into strips and baked until crispy (or, cut into triangles and baked into chips).

If there are leftovers, you can always mix it all together and put it in sandwich form like you did for the chili wrap.

Also, if he likes TexMex, maybe he'd like cajun?

I know how difficult it is to navigate around allergies (I'm allergic to nuts, dairy, gluten, red meat).