Burrito Lunchbox

It's hard to get a decent food photo in the morning.  We're in a rush to get out the door, so there's no time to set up a shot, and my kitchen has the worst light in the house.  I just grab a piece of white posterboard I keep nearby, point, shoot and hope.  Sometimes the results are better than others.

This would be an example of a lunchbox from last month that my son loved, but that the photo didn't turn out very well.  Please don't hold it against the lunch, it's entirely the photographer's fault!

Inside is a tortilla wrapped around my Taco Filling for Wimps and Tofutti Sour Supreme.  With the burrito are mandarin oranges with a little food pick (so I was probably out of fresh fruit), a chunk of Pumpkin Bundt Cake (that would be the vegetable serving) with Halloween stickers in an Easy Lunchbox with apple juice in a reusable box on the side.

The lunchbox came home empty.

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Paula said...

Isn't it wonderful when their lunch boxes come home empty and you know that they ate their lunch! These are the times when you are happy that they decided not the share ;)

P.S. I think the photo is just fine by the way.