From the Archives: Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Here's a list of recipes from the archives for a delicious Thanksgiving:

Chicken Stock:  Homemade stock makes everything better.
Grandma Annie's Candied Carrots:  Easy yet uplifted side dish.
Thanksgiving Mashers:  Only once a year do the all the elements fall into place to make these amazing potatoes.
Cornbread & Wild Rice Rice Dressing:  Friends and family demand that I make this every Thanksgiving.
Buttermilk(less) Biscuits:  Throw these little darlings in to bake in just 15 minutes when the turkey comes out of the oven.  Then watch them disappear.
Pumpkin Bundt Cake:  Who says it has to be pie?

For more ideas, be sure to check out The Biggest Gathering of Dairy-Free Thanksgiving Recipes by Alisa Fleming at Go Dairy Free.  (There are lots of additional restricted diet options, such as vegan and gluten free, included in the list.)

I wish you a wonderful, family filled and food allergy safe Thanksgiving!

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dairyfreediner said...

Oh wow, lemon juice in the biscuits that is interesting. It looks good though. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Libby said...

The lemon juice curdles the soy milk, so that it becomes a nondairy substitute for buttermilk. (A little acid also gives the baking powder a boost, but that's just a bonus!)

Happy Thanksgiving!