What I Ate Wednesday: Wish Fulfillment

Baked corn puppies, plus a couple full sized dogs.

Sunday is the only day when The Kid and I are both free of school and work.  So that's the day when we have big family dinners, baking gets done and I do some prep for packed lunches and other meals.  (It's also the day I usually pick for What I Ate Wednesday, since I do separate lunchbox posts.)  This weekend's meals turned into a series of my son's favorites.  He didn't mind a bit.

I managed to sleep through breakfast, thanks to the time change and my husband's indulgence.  We are allowing The Kid a little more self sufficiency in the kitchen, though still supervised, and he made himself breakfast of a bagel and soy milk.  Unfortunately when he's left to his own devices, nutrition takes a beating, and he "spread" the bagel with non-dairy margarine (it's more of an enthusiastic flail with the butter knife) rather than the usual Sunbutter.  The bowl of fruit on the counter also became completely invisible.  Just like magic.

Darth Vader is no match for...KETCHUP!

For lunch I baked up a tray of corn dogs and puppies with both turkey dogs and turkey sausages wrapped up in a corn biscuit dough.  The Kid snarfed up a corn dog and a half plus grapes and apple juice.  (I barely managed to snag the other half of the second dog for myself!)  The small sausages I baked with little wooden cocktail forks in them to pack for his lunch a couple days this week.  One quick baking session made for three days of lunch happiness.

Vegan pizza with spinach lurking under the "cheese".

The night before I had mixed up a batch of pizza dough and tossed it into the fridge, where it developed a lovely sourdough flavor.  The Kid's enthusiasm for the new Daiya vegan cheese continues, and I made his individual pizza with the mozzarella shreds with a pile of baby spinach leaves carefully concealed underneath them.  (I don't usually hide veggies, but it was a last ditch effort to salvage the day's meals.)  Despite their general awesomeness, the Daiya shreds don't brown particularly well, so I've started giving the pizza a quick spritz of olive oil to encourage it, and my son's pizza is now almost indistinguishable from one with full on dairy cheese.  He ate the whole thing.

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Fran@Broken Cookies Don't Count said...

The pizza looks yummy!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

my GF and dairy free little bro loves the daiya shreds too! he has no idea its not cheese1 =) love that stuff!