Back to School Birthday Lunchbox

Having a late August birthday means that my kiddo gets to celebrate right at the beginning of the school year. I packed a lunch for him with exactly what he likes, even if it's not nutritionally balanced or especially cute!

He wanted a turkey burger on a homemade potato roll with grapes and fruit gummies in his EasyLunchbox. I cooked the turkey burger in the morning, but thoroughly chilled it before packing and included a small ice pack to make sure it stayed cold. I usually fold a paper towel and wrap it around the ice pack before packing it, since they do tend to sweat. (If a cold turkey burger seems odd, just think of it as a meatloaf sandwich!) The gummies are in a Wilton Silicone Baking Cup. Peeking out on the side is a rainboa boa sticker that I cut out of this Realistic Snakes sticker book, since The Kid's herpetology obsession continues.

I wish you a safe and happy school year!

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