Expert Advice: Managing an Allergic Reaction

I recently discovered a wonderful Canadian website called Insider Medicine. One of its features is called "If I Had," in which a leading specialist is asked what he or she would do if diagnosed with the disease or disorder which is their area of expertise.
Last December, the site asked Dr. Robert Wood what he would do if his child had an allergic reaction. The following material is courtesy of Insider Medicine. Many thanks to them for making it available.
"Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Dr. Robert Wood, MD, a pediatric allergist and professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and director of the Division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at Johns Hopkins University. A world-renowned expert in the treatment of peanut allergy, Dr. Wood is also the author of the book, "Food Allergies For Dummies."

"We asked Dr. Wood for his thoughts on the detection and treatment of severe allergic reactions."

If I Had - An Allergic Reaction - Dr. Robert Wood, MD

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