Benadryl Perfect Measure Spoons on Sale

For those of you who were looking for the individual doses of Benadryl: CVS Pharmacy has the Perfect Measure Spoons 10 count box on sale for $5 if you have an Extra Care Card. (They are usually $6.49.) Plus there's a Benadryl coupon in the Sunday paper that you can use to take another $1 off.

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MM said...

I have these everywhere, with Epi pen for my 17 month old. They work beautifully at the first sign of something supicious (he has peanut allergies).

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great tip! We carry them everywhere too. What a great improvement from the bottles.

ZM said...

love 'em. Usually I get all eco-huffy about things like that, but they are wonderful for a quick dose. I've used them twice now, and it's been great.