"Three Year Old Saves Brother's Life"

Go read this. Then hug your kids, check the expiration dates on your EpiPens, and make sure everyone knows how to use them. Here's a great video of a (really cute) four year old demonstrating with a trainer if you need a refresher.


Maggie said...

WOW! What a kid!

Unknown said...

Isn't that remarkable?! It is almost hard to believe. Wow.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

What an amazing little boy! Thank goodness he was there.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. That made me cry. We have to carry an epi-pen for my daughter but have not had to use it. She did have an allergic reaction when she was 14 months but she did not require an epi-pen (she did not go into shock, thank god).

That little boy is just amazing and.. I can understand where the mom is coming from too. I freaked out when my daughter was having an allergic reaction, and the 911 lady had to tell me to calm down. I was so scared that I would lose her.... ugh, here I am crying again!

I just found your blog. I am looking forward to reading through it.