Octodog Lunchbox

More creeping Bentoism! I had leftover turkey dogs from the Pasta Squidward, so I tried this classic bento technique for the first time. (You can find an excellent tutorial at Lunch in a Box.) For these two, I cut one "bun length" turkey dog in half, then carved the legs and made a happy face on each one with small cuts for the eyes and mouth, which opened as the dog heated up. I cooked the octodogs in boiling water for ten minutes at the same time as the corn. It's about a third of a cob sliced into three sections after cooking, since The Kid is more likely to eat the corn if it's in smaller, easier to chomp pieces.
The turkey dogs and corn are accompanied by grapes, pretzels, the usual apple juice/water mixture, and an elephant sticker. I'm sending this smiling lunch over to Margot at Coffee and Vanilla for her monthly Healthy Lunchbox event. Be sure to check out all the gorgeous bentos and creative lunch ideas!


Alisa - Frugal Foodie said...

OMG, your last two hot dog posts cracked me up! Talk about creative :)

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Looking great!

Thank you for your entry.


Jane Anne said...

Thanks for sharing your lunch ideas. I know I am going to need them when my son starts K in the fall.