Menu Plan

I'm back on the wagon with an organized menu plan for this week.  The Kid helped out again, with exactly the  result you'd expect.  I picked Thursday's dinner and the side dishes.  The rest is all him!

     Monday - spaghetti
     Tuesday - Tae Kwon Do night [dinner on the fly]
     Wednesday - turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and green beans
     Thursday - vegetable curry
     Friday - pizza
     Saturday - Swedish turkey balls and green beans

He's far less enthusiastic about the writing practice if he doesn't get to pick the meals himself, so I think next time I'll need to plan in advance and give him a list to choose from.  Otherwise we'll be eating pizza, turkey burgers and spaghetti every week until he graduates from high school.  (I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't mind, either!)

Our predictable menu is joining over 300 other weekly meal plans for Meal Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.  Check it out and see what the moms of the internet are cooking this week!

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