Leftover Chicken Luchbox

I found a number of photos of last year's lunches that I never got around to posting.  Since we're in back to school mode, I'll try to get them up in the next week to clear the way for the upcoming second grade lunches.  I might even do an actual meta lunch packing post...but since I'm all about the procrastination, you'll probably see it next fall.

Nothing can make leftovers more appealing than little bento food picks.  Here they are stuck into leftover chicken and leftover peas and carrots, and not stuck into leftover cornbread and freshly washed grapes.  On the side are a bottle of apple juice and a Noah's ark sticker.

I'm going to recycle these leftovers yet again by sharing them with Margot at Coffee & Vanilla for her monthly Wholesome Lunchbox event.  If you need some lunch inspiration, check it out on the 15th of each month.


Margot said...

Thank you for your entry Libby... I will be posting the round-up in couple of minutes so you just made it on time :)

hwbeckelman said...

I was wondering where you got that little fork is it? What a handy little thing!

Libby said...

The little forks were from ichibankan, a very reasonably priced Japanese store that, sadly, no longer sells online. You can find similar items at jbox.com in the bento section. (Be aware that the jlist portion of the site is NSFW.)