Turkey Wrap Lunchbox

Nothing new, but this is still a still a favorite lunch!  It has a sliced turkey and Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese wrap cut into pinwheels, leftover candied carrots, pretzels, grapes, juice, a couple of wintery stickers and the very last piece of homemade Hanukkah gelt that I found when I pulled the Tofutti from the back of the drawer in the fridge.  (I had stashed them there because they were awfully prone to melting when being held in little hands!)  It's all packed up in an Easy Lunchbox and reusable juice box.

This may seem like a lot of food for a 7 year old, but the leftovers get eaten as a snack before the start of The Kid's after school Tae Kwon Do program.  Well, most of them.  The carrots still have a good shot at making a round trip.

I'm sharing this lunch with Margot of Coffee and Vanilla for her monthly Healthy Lunch Box round up.  Be sure to check it on the 15th of the month.  I'd also like to send belated congratulations to Margot on the birth of her amazingly beautiful little girl!  Happiest of New Year's to you!


Allergy Mum said...

How does the Tofutti actually taste? I have seen it before, but have yet to try it, as so many similar products are just terrible.
Allergy Mum - http://allergymum.blogspot.com/

Margot said...

Thank you for your entry Libby, I will be posting round-up tomorrow.

I see you still using Easy Lunchboxes, mine unfortunatelly did not last long, not sure what I have done wrong but all the lids started falling off.

Libby said...

Allergy Mum-I won't touch any of the other vegan cheeses, either, because they are just nasty. The Tofutti "cream cheese" and "sour cream" are definitely the best tasting ones, but still have a soy aftertaste. I only use them in recipes, and occasionally as a sandwich spread for my son, who loves them, rather than by themselves.

Margot-the lids still fit, but some of the corner tabs (to hold onto while taking off the lid) have broken off. We use them daily and run them through the dishwasher, so we're pretty tough on them. Have you contacted the company to see if they'll replace them?

Margot said...

Thank you Libby for your wishes :) And for the email, I will get back to you shortly.