Fish Taco Lunchbox

So it's not really a fish taco, more of a fish burrito.  I rolled up some leftover tilapia in a tortilla with  Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds (also leftover, but from pizza night) and browned it in an ungreased nonstick skillet over medium low heat.  Chicken would also work well in the wrap.  This was one of the few lunches I've actually packed the night before, because I wanted to make absolutely sure that the fish was chilled through, then put an ice pack in the lunch bag with it in the morning.

The Daiya shreds are the first vegan cheese substitute I've found that I haven't wanted to spit right back out.  The Kid is crazy for it, and can't get enough of the stuff.  When I used it for pizza, it didn't quite melt and brown like the real thing, but it did come awfully close.  To me the taste of the shreds is really quite acceptable, but instead of the straight up creaminess of a mozzarella, I could taste overtones of a blue or another of the funky foot cheeses.

The sides are less about nutrition and more about making my child happy:  Chocolatey Chip Teddy Grahams, grapes and 3 Surf Sweet Gummy Bears in a minimuffin liner hot tub (I turned it inside out so the colors would be visible), plus a Spongebob sticker.  I also broke out the baran grass divider to (hopefully) keep the mini liner from getting soggy.

I'm afraid the sparse posting may continue for a while, since I'm working full time again.  I've got a backlog of unfinished posts, including my much ballyhooed lunch packing epic and a few reviews, then I may stick to lunches, or try to get a few posts up about quick and easy dinners or make ahead meals, since it's crock pot and freezer time around here.  If you have a request for types of posts, please let me know, since there will be fewer of them for the time being, and I'd prefer to put up the ones that are in demand!


Alisa said...

Honestly, even though I don't have kids, I love your lunchbox posts and kid-friendly recipes :) I guess we eat like kids here!

VintageMom said...

Looks yummy -- I'd eat that lunch :) I love your page featuring lunchbox photos... Would you like to come post some at my new link party featuring allergy-friendly lunchboxes? The party goes live on Friday morning at http://allergyfreecookery.blogspot.com. I know I need more inspiration for our lunches, and I'm sure there are lots of other moms out there who do too!


Lisa @ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery