Double Sammy Lunchbox

Here's a quick bite to snack on until my humongous lunch packing post goes up:  a Sunbutter and banana sandwich, chunks of cuke and carrot, grapes and a cupcake sandwich with the frosting in the middle so it doesn't make a mess, plus apple juice and a sticker on the side.  (After the photo to show off the sammy fillings, I rearranged everything to pack flat.)

Last week I had to go out of town unexpectedly for a family member's surgery.  When I came back I had barely enough time to make cupcakes, so my son could take a safe one to a friend's birthday party.  The recipe I used was the "Simply Wonderful White Cake" from Go Dairy Free by Alisa Fleming, which gets huge marks for simplicity and reliability.

If you have a moment, I would be very grateful if you would take the time to go vote for my entry in the Easy Lunchboxes Contest at All Things for Sale.  It's the one with the octodogs and fruit skewers that is conveniently labeled "04-allergickidlunch" when your mouse hovers over it.  (You may recognize the lunch from last year.)  There's a gift certificate for all kinds of adorable bento supplies on the line, so I'd appreciate all the 5 Star help I can get!

I hope you all have a safe start to the new school year!


K said...

Does the Go Dairy Free book use eggs as well or give options to not use eggs? My son just outgrew his wheat allergy but we still have dairy, egg and peanut. We have a bday party to attend this weekend and I can't find the box mix that i've used in the past but I need to make cupcakes so he has something. Do you have a good recipe?

Two Minute Takes said...

Great looking lunch. Going over to vote for you. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

@ Kyra, foodallergymama.com is a wonderful blog with dairy, egg and nut free recipes. I'm sure you'll find a cupcake recipe there.
Yummy looking lunch. We use soynut butter but I think I'm going to try sunbutter for a change. Thanks for all the lunch ideas!

VintageMom said...

Isn't SunButter the best?! I could eat that stuff all day :) Love the lunchboxes with all the compartments. My sons have something similar, and they draw a lot of comments from their friends... something about the little spaces makes the food look better, I think!

~ Lisa @ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery