Corn Puppy Lunch

Here's a late look at one of the lunches I packed from this batch of corn puppies.  (Tutorial for making them can be found here.)  The pups are turkey breakfast sausages stuck on little bamboo forks and baked in a corn biscuit dough.  Accompanying them are honey pretzel twists, mandarin oranges with an elephant food pick/fork and Skittles (leftover from Halloween) in a footed silicon cup, which sits flush to the lid and keeps the candies from getting loose.  The dark blob in with the Skittles is a reflective sticker.  The entire thing is packed in an Easy Lunchbox.

The reusable juice box on the side is full of apple juice, though I may be looking for an alternative drink to pack for my child after reading this infuriating article from Consumer Reports about unsafe levels of arsenic and mercury in apple juice.  I'll save the commentary for later!


Jenny said...

Can you tell me where you get your cute little fork picks?

Great ideas on lunches, by the way!

Libby said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for the compliment! I picked up the fork picks on the clearance aisle at the grocery store. They are Diamond brand Bamboo Forks (100 count). Hope that helps!