Pancake Sammy Lunchbox

I got up early and made The Kid banana pancakes for breakfast this morning.  He enjoyed them so much that he wanted them for lunch as well, so I made two of them into a sandwich with Sunbutter and my mom's homemade chokecherry jelly.  I cut the sandwich into quarters, then tucked them into an Easy Lunchbox with some carrot slices (still trying to convince my child they're not a garnish), grapes and a couple of little oatmeal raisin cookies.  I'm reworking my oatmeal cookie recipe and should have a new one posted soon!

I've just discovered the Allergy Friendly Lunchbox Love event over at Allergy-Free Vintage Cookery, so of course I'll be submitting this lunch to the round up, which is overflowing with ideas for allergy friendly foods that pack well!

Update:  The Kid came home and announced "I only ate one carrot."  I calmly told him that was fine as long as he tried them, but on the inside I was shouting "VICTORY!" and doing a happy dance, since I've been trying to get him to eat the things for years.  Also, Kelly Lester mentioned her Pinterest page in the comments, and what an amazing collection of lunch ideas!  Be sure to check it out.


Funky Food Trisha said...

Love it! What a great idea for lunch time. I will definitely be adding those into my extremely limited(lazy) lunch routine for L.

EasyLunchboxes (Kelly Lester) said...

This is wonderful! Just shared on Pinterest. And I'm so happy to know about the Allergy Friendly Lunchbox Love event too! Great resource. Thanks!

VintageMom said...

Thanks so much for the shout out :) Love seeing what you make for lunch!

Lisa @ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery

Catherine said...

hi there,

can you tell me how durable the lunch box is? is the lid secure and does it hold up well in the dishwasher?

i love the compartments, but am worried that it is not very durable.

thanks again for posting more ideas!

Libby said...

The Easy Lunchboxes are about the same or a little sturdier than the "disposable" tupperware you can pick up at the store. We've had ours for about 2 years & use them almost daily & put them through the dishwasher every night.

At this point all of them has had the little tab on the lid broken off and one lid is starting to crack. I am planning to buy another set, though, since at 4 for $14 plus shipping they are the best buy I've found.

We haven't had any problems with the lids coming off, though I've seen some complaints about looseness online. (The company says specifically that they are NOT meant for liquids.) We live in Florida, so I think that temperature and humidity may play a role. I like that my son can take it off and put it back on w/out assistance, since I don't want anyone touching his lunch.

Hope that answers your questions!

Deanna said...

I love Lunchbox Love and the Blog Carnival. Great resources in all of the posts. My little guy (4 years old) is finally starting to round the corner on his level of pickiness, so I'm finally getting to experiment with different meals. Thanks for sharing your recipes!!

And the captcha word I got..."fantab" as in this blog is "fantab"ulous!

England Furniture said...

It sounds like these banana packages were quite the hit. Thanks for the pancake sandwich tip.