Hummus Lunchbox (Lunch for Mom)

Several years ago I was inspired by Alton Brown's Turbo Hummus, which is made with peanut butter, to create a hummus recipe from Sunbutter.  I was amazed that my child who loves Sunbutter, chickpeas and garlic immediately disliked the delicious stuff.  In contrast, I found the smooth spread extremely addictive, so much so that I still make it regularly for myself!

So here you get to see one of my lunches for work for the first time.  It has a big pile of veggies, some whole grain crackers and several scoops of my lovely hummus topped with some crunchy sunflower seeds, which come directly from the Sunbutter factory, and so are safe from peanut cross contamination.  As a bonus, they keep the hummus from sticking to the lid of the Easy Lunchbox.  I only wish my lunch always looked this good!

Sunbutter Hummus
(Click here for printable version.)

15.5 oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
1/4 C water, plus additional as needed
1/4 Sunbutter or other safe nut/seed spread of your choice
3 Tbs lemon juice
2 Tbs olive oil
1/2 tsp garlic powder, plus more if desired*
pinch of salt

1/4 C fresh flat leaf parsley or 1 Tbs dried
1/4 C jarred roasted red peppers
sunflower seeds as garnish

Dump ingredients into food processor and puree until smooth.  Check consistency and add additional water if needed.  Adjust garlic powder, salt and lemon juice as desired and serve.

*Feel free to use 2-3 garlic cloves instead, which is delicious, but may be a little much for young taste buds.  If you do, start by pureeing the garlic, then add the rest of the ingredients.

I'm sharing my lunch with another awesome mom:

In case you're looking for something a little fancier, I see that Hannah has a simply amazing Hummus/Tzatziki combination (which I simply must try) posted over at Bittersweet!

Hope you're all having an awesome summer!

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h said...

We love sunbutter hummus in our house! Thanks for including this in the Food Allergy Blog Carnival!

Unknown said...

Never tried this version of hummus but my kids love hummus and sunbutter... will have to try this out! Thanx~

Unknown said...

Looks great! How long will this keep in the fridge?

zolar said...

nice food..

Katherine said...

I love hummus!


Find a Juicer said...

Nice blog! I'll surely try this at home.

Ashley M said...

Thank you for this wonderful recipe, homemade hummus is one of our favorite healthy meals to enjoy especially with this warm summer heat. We love that your teaching your kids such a great and healthy lifestyle. Go You!

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Libby said...

@Mandy, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'm afraid the hummus has never been around for more than a few days before being gobbled up! I wouldn't keep it more than a week in the fridge, though.

fitness health beauty said...

Looks like a good and healthy food! Thanks for sharing. I'l gonna try it soon. :)

NYC LASIK Savings said...

Looks very delicious, I'm a big fan of hummus as well!

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zool said...

Great and nice receipe for kids

Dan @ NYC Healer said...

I've been looking for an easy-to-make and healthy hummus recipe and I love this one! I think I'll just cook chickpeas instead of using those from a can, and blend crushed garlic instead of powder...

Dan @ NYC Healer

Jane Morai said...

Loving it. hummus is delicious and this looks like it would make for a great lunch.