Lazy Rice Cake Lunchbox

Once upon a time, my little boy loved rice cakes. Plain or smeared, he'd grab them in his chubby little fist and shove them in his face. Then one day, he announced that he didn't like them anymore. It's been at least five years since one passed his lips.

Since then, I've established a "snack shelf" that contains food that the kiddo may help himself to. Despite my son's objections, a bag of rice cakes has always sat there. One day last week, he suddenly announced that he wanted one. He's had one with Sunbutter for a snack every day since then. I have absolutely no idea what caused him to change his mind either time.

All this leads to today's super easy lunchbox in, of course, an Easy Lunchbox. It has a rice cake smeared with Sunbutter, two apple slices cut into rabbits in a square silicone cup (the ears make for great handles, since the little fussbudget won't eat the skin) and an Enjoy Life Chocolate Sunbutter Decadent Bar cut into half in a round silicone cup. After I took the photo I broke the rice cake in half and put the Sunbutter sides together to prevent mess.

To make sure the apples didn't brown, I cut them first then soaked them in orange juice while I assembled the rest of the lunch. The entire thing took less than five minutes.

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Theprincessandthetot said...

I'm going to have to try those bars. Are they tasty??? Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays!

Anonymous said...

Would you show the apple rabbits and how they are cut?

Libby said...

@Rebecca, here's the review I did of the Decadent bars.

@Anon, sure!