Burrito Lunchbox

The Kid's lunch options have been somewhat limited lately, but he always loves burritos, even without tomatoes, garlic and cumin. This one has a wheat flour tortilla wrapped around leftover homemade refried beans, rice and corn. Grapes and plain corn tortilla chips are in the side compartments of his Easy Lunchbox.

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Mikhaela from Safe & Scrumptious blog said...

Looks yummy! What tortillas do you use? (And we also avoid cumin pending a challenge).

Libby said...

Hi Mikhaela, there are several different brands of plain tortillas we use. (This was Mission, I think.) Most tortilla factories only make the one item without fancy flavors to cross contaminate. I also wanted to mention, since you have spice allergies, too, that I ended up bagging up all my spices, since I cannot imagine that any company that processes or packages ground spices, such as garlic powder or cumin, could possibly keep the dust from traveling. If you are trying to figure out mystery reactions, it might be worthwhile to stick to fresh herbs for a while.

Mikhaela Reid said...

I have considered that, actually, though I'm not QUITE there yet... Our allergist has said they feel McCormick is trustworthy for single spices, but I swear her mystery reactions were after all after spices... paprika (and she eats Applegate pepperoni that haa paprika with no problem... cinnamon... etc.

I have also contacted a company called StarWest Botanicals that has extensive allergen info and testing for their spices, they were able to provide me detailed allergen testing sheets that included top 8 and sesame (but NOT mustard) info for their spices. Sigh...

Maybe I just need to think on this. I do a lot of flavoring with fresh herbs, garlic, onions and things like lemon, vinegar, etc... I have to wrap my head around spiceless cooking!