The Snack Shelf

Raising a child with life threatening food allergies means walking a fine line between safety and increasing independence. Almost everything in my kitchen is safe for The Kid, but that doesn't mean that every item in the pantry is always appropriate or even within his reach.

My solution has been to create a designated snack shelf at my son's eye level that contains safe and reasonably healthy foods that he can help himself to without requesting assistance. (There's a bowl of fruit in the kitchen, too, but he usually ignores it.) I've also moved his old toddler dishes and cups onto the shelf, so that he isn't trying to get breakables out of a high cabinet.

We do ask our child not to eat while both my husband and I are sleeping, just in case he has a reaction. Sometimes he'll forget if he gets up early on Saturday morning, but for the most part, the snack shelf has worked well.

Now for a little tease....

We had a couple of wonderful guests for dinner last night, Kyle Dine and his dad, Steve. Kyle was kind enough to perform a few songs for us and I managed to get some of it on video. I'm looking forward to sharing them...just as soon as I can figure out the video editing software!


Mikhaela from Safe & Scrumptious blog said...

Oh, that's a great idea! We do have red labels (for cross-contam items) and green labels (for "Safe to Eat") on all our food items but right now I make the little one come to me to get her snacks so she doesn't eat too many of the unhealthy (even if allergy-free) stuff. She would love this!

Kathryn @ Mamacado said...

Wow, what a great dinner guest! Would love to hear the details of how that happened!

Libby said...

Hey Kathryn! How was easy. It wouldn't have occurred to me to ask, except that a couple other members of the allergy community had mentioned that Kyle had stayed with them while touring. When he posted on FB that he might be coming to Florida, I asked and he said yes! I'll have lots of pics/videos of the actual visit when I get the blog post up.