Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival #22

Welcome to the Food Allergy Blog Carnival! Maybe it's just the heat, but many of us have taken to using blogging as an outlet for the healthy expression of emotion.

Jennifer of Comments from the Peanut Free Gallery takes on the Joe Camel of the food allergy world in Why I Hate Mr. Peanut. Don't hold it in Jennifer, tell us how you really feel!
Rational Jenn is disappointed by Rita's Ice in Sigh, when the corporation decides that it would rather have nuts than nut allergic customers in their stores.
Sarah, the No Whey Mama, vents her frustration at the changing advice of the medical community in Killing Me Softly. If I may, I'd like to add that especially given the frequent reversals in recommendations for families with food allergies, we all need to ditch the mommy guilt permanently.
JenniferB of Food Allergy Buzz expresses her gratitude to "everyone who has made it possible for these 'peanut-free' games, zones, and skyboxes to occur" in Thanks for Making the Ballpark More Food Allergy Friendly! It's one of the nicest thank you notes I've seen in a while.
Ria of Check My Tag cheers on the Cards and their especially thoughtful ushers who vigorously defended the peanut free free section from marauding Cracker Jack vendors in Cardinals Go Peanut Free. The team really earned the loyalty of some young fans and their appreciative parents.
Mamique of Casein Point (I love that name) debates staying at home versus the social pitfalls and allergy dangers of food oriented social gatherings in Friends? Sometimes even the ones that mean well just don't get it. Go on by and give her a hug in the comments.
There were also some handy tips and posts full of helpful information:
Obsessive label reading is a necessary part of food allergy parenting. Katrina McCain of Were You Wondering has more ugly details about the chemical line up in the ingredients in 24 Potentially Harmful Food Additives.
Dr. Yannicelli of Baby Health Blog takes the high road in Allergy In-Laws - Grandpa's Got Something Yummy and shares some advice for diplomatically dealing with well-meaning, but sometimes unthinking relatives
Jenny, the Nut-Free Mom, sends us the first of our food allergy fashion accessories in Day Trippin' With Food Allergies with a really cute tote for those summer expeditions that just happens to be a cooler. Then she puts out the welcome mat for the newly diagnosed in Nut-Free Mom Newbies--Welcome to Our Nutty, Wonderful Community!
Hannah, who is the sweetest vegan around, reviews Turtle Mountain's new yogurt made from coconut milk at Go Dairy Free in New Soy-Free, Dairy-Free Yogurt Exceeds Expectations.
Libby of The Allergic Kid is another mama with a brand new bag in EpiPens and Food Allergy Fashion.
Finally, the Carnival isn't complete without recipes:
Maggie of Dog Hill Kitchen (another great name) serves up some yummy looking Zucchini Pancakes. Even better, she breaks the recipe down into kid-friendly steps for her son Alex, who looks to be a budding chef. I'm just amazed that she's found a way to serve zucchini that my mother never inflicted on us...I mean served to her appreciative family.

Alisa of Go Dairy Free has the perfect lemonade recipe for a summer cool down plus six variations in All About Lemonade. The Pineapple Ginger lemonade really caught my eye.
That almost completes this week's carnival. I may have misplaced a submission, probably from one of the Jennifers. If you sent one in and don't see it here, please accept my apologies. Drop me a line at allergiesmom (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll post an update.
Finally, I'd like to offer somewhat belated congratulations to RationalJenn on the birth of her beautiful son Gus. Best wishes for health and happiness to both you and your family!
Mamique at Casein Point will be the host for the next carnival on August 7th. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Living With Food Allergies Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
UPDATE: I was indeed a bad blogger and misplaced not one, but two really good submissions. My only excuse is that I had a great deal of help and frequent interruptions from The Kid himself, who was recovering from a trip to the pediatric ophthamologist and having his pupils dilated. Sometimes I don't think he appreciates the fine medical care he receives!
Gabrielle, the Peanut Free Mama, sends us an amazing looking treat in Friday Recipe - Sunflower Butter Balls. I'm already looking for some powdered soy milk to try them!
Jennifer of Comments from the Peanut Free Gallery put together a handy list for dining out in Restaurants and Food Allergies - Places We Eat, Places We Don't, Places We Wish We Could. Be sure to bookmark this page for the next time you're looking for someplace to eat.
Again, my apologies to both Gabrielle and Jennifer. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Thanks for hosting!

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You were inflicted with them. We called them zucchini fritters.

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The carnival looks great! Thanks for hosting and the well wishes!

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You forgot my submission.


Thanks for updating the carnival post.