From a letter I wrote to the school principal:
....I am writing to thank you for the excellent job the school staff has done this year to keep [my son] from having an anaphylactic reaction due to his severe food allergies.

The school nurse, xxxx xxxxxx, wrote a truly comprehensive Individual Health Plan and ensured that all of xxxxx‘s teachers, including substitutes, were familiar with the plan and trained to use his EpiPen. His Kindergarten teacher, xxxxx xxxxxx really rose to the challenge of creating a safe environment for xxxxx. She also deserves a great deal of credit for fostering an inclusive atmosphere without any stigma attached to his food allergies.

I am extremely grateful for the caring and professionalism xxxxx has encountered at xxxxx xxxxx. We are looking forward to another great year!
I sent copies to the nurse, teacher, and county school board health supervisor. We are fortunate that The Kid is attending a school which is really a model for how food allergies should be managed. Before I even had a chance to contact her at the beginning of the year, the nurse wrote an IHP, which includes having the kids in my son's class rinse their mouths after lunch and wash their hands upon entering his classroom. I had to request that he not eat in a separate room, so he wouldn't be isolated at lunch time!
So many parents have to struggle to get basic safeguards for their food allergic kids. My son's school really deserves a little positive reinforcement for getting it right.


Elisabeth said...

That is so great! I can only hope (and pray!) that when my kiddo is school aged, his school will behave the same!

Marketing Mama said...

Awesome that you had such a great year with so much support, and awesome that you wrote that letter to recognize it! Thanks for sharing! :)

ZM said...

we did the same thing - it's always nice to be able to thank the people who work so hard....and when those people catch me in the hall and say, 'ooh, yum! can I have the recipe?' well, it's just plain fun to watch their eyes pop open, realizing that they ate allergy-friendly.

and liked it.


To The Moon and Back said...

That is so sweet. I really struggled with my daughter's school this year. I would love to now what IHP is and if you have certain forms that help you out.