Banana Crackers Lunchbox

For years, one of my kiddo's favorite snacks, and occasionally meals, has been what we call Banana Crackers. Basically it's a graham cracker with a schmear of Sunbutter, a slice of banana and a raisin on top. Assembling them is as much fun as eating them, so I created a homemade Lunchable out of the ingredients.

All the Banana Cracker ingredients are in the main compartment of the Easy Lunchbox. The Sunbutter is in a Mini-Dipper container with a toddler spoon to scoop it out. (All my little plastic knives have disappeared from the kitchen...) I presliced the half banana, but left it in the peel The graham crackers and little box of raisins are in a green silicone cup that came from the awesome lunchbox stash I won from Keeley McGuire, so I'm afraid I don't know where to find them!

On the side are a clementine orange in a square silicone cup and a Double Chocolate Brownie Bite cookie in a round one. The orange is already peeled and sectioned to encourage my son to actually eat it in his limited lunch time, especially since the rest of his lunch requires assembly.

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Wottawally said...

Oh hubba hubba - bananas and PB! Your kid has good taste!

I am Koogle... said...

I was wondering what banana crackers are! haha. Looks yummy! :)

Grace @ Eats Amazing said...

I LOVE that combination - I frequently have PB & banana on toast for breakfast in a morning, adding them to crackers sounds absolutely delicious!
Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!